Gunbot Trading bots Review 2023: Pros and Cons

Gunbot Trading bots Review 2023: Pros and Cons 

According to the Gunbot review, this platform is unlike many other automated trading bots, is a software program that you must install and configure as opposed to a cloud service that you can access through your browser.


How Does Gunbot Work?

Once you’ve decided on your plan and exchange(s), the procedure is rather straightforward. Choose your login details, verify ownership, launch the software, specify your API keys for the exchanges you wish best crypto trading bots to work on. Choose the trading pairs you want to use, set up your trading strategy using presets or custom parameters, and Gunbot will begin trading around-the-clock using those settings. With this trading bot, various trade features and more consistent results are accessible. According to other Gunbot reviews on different websites, it is perfect when you want to speed up your cryptocurrency trading.

Gunbot Review: Pros and Cons

 Gunbot covers all supported exchanges. For more professional traders.
 Gunbot offers Windows, Mac, and Linux support.
 Gunbot offers lifetime licenses.
 Awesome user community support.
 Gunbot is a privacy friendly trading bot.
 Gunbot has no recurring costs.
 Offers many different Gunbot packages.

Benefits Of Using Gunbot Trading Bot

Run on Computer

Unlike cloud service, you need to install crypto software on your machine. Gunbot supports crypto trading on a variety of platforms, including Windows platform, mac OS, Linux, and ARM-based platform devices. While conducting research for this Gunbot review, we discovered that this trading software operates flawlessly on all devices regardless of platform. This crypto software also features a pleasing user interface that is not just ideal for novice traders but also for experienced traders.

Plug and Play Automated Trading Bot

Gunbot’s settings for tried-and-true innovative strategies make it simple for private traders to get started. Connect and play Some tactics, such as stepGrid, are already optimized and profitable. The crypto trading bot only needs to be turned on. Power users have no restriction and can employ unlimited bot instances, custom strategies, and automated config updates.

No Limits for Power Users

The overall number of active trading-pair services that can be added in this crypto trading software installation is unlimited. Any number of coins you add will function.

Free Updates with Lifetime Licenses

Gunbot software updates are free. There is no need for a subscription for their automated trading systems. For Gunbot Lifetime updates and licenses, all the novice users need to pay a one time license fee. When you wish to speed up your cryptocurrency trading, Gunbot is an ideal free crypto commerce option with lifetime license. Gunbot offers profitable trading around-the-clock.

Dynamic Grid Trading

Step-Grid is a straightforward but successful trading method that sets Gunbot apart from many other bots. Trading minor price changes is the principle behind this method. a grid-like trading technique with integrated buying and selling trailing and dynamic trading targets. This approach differs slightly from all existing Gunbot tactics in that it is “always in position” and seeks opportunities to average down rather than waiting for the ideal entry. There are also just a few changeable variables.

Key Features of Gunbot

Multi Platform

Gunbot website and crypto tools support heterogeneous functionality, thus it can run on ARM, Windows, mac OS, or Linux-based devices. The user can access the Gunbot from any device because the software license is not connected to any particular device. Additionally, upgrades and updates to software are free. The required specifications for one boot instance are 2GB RAM, 10GB free disk space, and 64-bit CPUs. You have the option of using Gunbot’s built-in graphical user interface or executing it through the command line.

Support Exchanges

The majority of exchanges support Gunbot. Moreover, additional supported exchanges are frequently introduced. okGunbot, Gunthy, Beaxy, and Txbit are a few partner exchanges that don’t require an API key to be registered. In addition to other top cryptocurrency exchanges that do require an API slot, these can be used without charge. The CCXT library also supports lesser-known spot trading exchanges, however these might not have reached the same degree of reliability yet.

Unlimited Trading Pairs

There are no limitations on the total number of active pairs that can be included in a Gunbot installation. Users are free to conduct a single pair or even all of the exchange’s commerce pairs. In general, Gunbot can be used with any combination that exchanges offer. This crypto app can commerce any asset or cryptocurrency markets that your exchange supports, and margin trading and trading costs will also vary depending on your specific exchange.

Powerful Browser Interface

The user interface for Gunbot has a built-in browser. On your local computer, you can open access to the interface without risk, or you can open access from the internet. The user interface may be supplied through https and is designed for mobile devices. It also supports two factor authentication. You may manage your trading methods, assign them to commerce pairs, and make quick modifications using the UI. All recent trades and secure crypto wallet balances are displayed on the dashboard. It is simple to optimize your custom strategies using this commerce visualization and generate profits. You can manually place orders through the Gunbot interface if you don’t want to wait for the bot to do so.

Tested Trading Preset Strategies

A collection of guidelines that specify how Gunbot will trade is a strategy. A single trading style can be used for all crypto pair systems. Different trading approaches can be used with various pairs. Buy and sell methods, which specify when the bot is permitted to place orders, are the essential elements of a strategy. One or more trading pairs may be assigned different strategies. There are a ton of free trading strategy presets included with Gunbot that can be used right away with just a few little adjustments, such as setting the limit on how much it can spend. An infinite number of unique strategies can be developed.

20+ Buy and Sell Method

Gunbot provides 20 various ways to execute orders, and you can combine any of them to create unique trading strategies. For instance, you could configure Gunbot to buy an asset at a percentage from the lower Bollinger Band and sell it using the trailing stop/stop-loss method. Average Directional Index (ADX), Average True Range (ATR) Trailing Stop, Bollinger Bands – percentage distance from bands, Bollinger Bands – crossover, EMA spread, Emotionless, Gain, Ichimoku, MACD, MACDH, PingPong, Stepgain, SMA cross, Time series analysis, Trailing stop / stop limit are few buy and sell methods for executing orders.

Confirming Indicators

Confirming indicators can be set up to limit your buy/sell technique to just commerce when specific indicators are inside a range you configure, helping you to fine-tune your trading approach. For instance, only permit purchase orders when the RSI is 30 or lower. Each indicator’s period settings can be freely customized. Confirming signs that are inherent to strategies and are available: ADX, EMA, EMA spread, MFI, RSI, EMA spread, Stochastic, StochRSI. Optionally, you can expand the scope of your approach by adding a large number of additional indication combinations by using AutoConfig.

Additional Trailing

For the majority of order types, price trailing can be utilized to determine the best entry and exit locations. For instance, let’s say you’ve established a purchase strategy that calls for buying when prices reach the lower Bollinger band. As soon as the price reaches the bottom band, a purchase order is placed without further trailing. When prices are trailing, Gunbot tracks their downward movement and only buys when the trailing stop is reached and the price is still at or below the lower Bollinger Band. Gunbot can be used to sell trailing items for items that you personally purchased. Regular buy orders, Regular sell orders, DCA buy orders are few Order types that permit additional trailing.


Double up, commonly known as dollar cost averaging or DCA, is a Gunbot technique for automatically averaging down assets. This enables traders to achieve a lower average price per unit as prices decline, resulting in a lower potential exit price that is lucrative. DCA’s behavior is very adjustable.

Reversal Trading

When prices decline, Gunbot can automatically acquire quote currency without making any additional investments beyond the initial buy order. Reversal trading is a characteristic that can assist in lowering the investment’s break-even point. Reversal trading involves Gunbot selling owned quote units at a configurable percentage price decline, then buying back additional quote units only with the money it received from the prior sell order. This cycle may continue if prices decline further or even when the cryptocurrency markets turn sideways following a decline. Gunbot keeps track of the transaction fees paid when accumulating. The price will resume regular trading as soon as it reaches the break-even mark.

Telegram Integration

Through Telegram, a user can communicate with their trading bot. They can track gains and obtain profit/loss information for all of your trading pairings with a Telegram profile. On the fly adjustments can be made, such as enabling or disabling pairs. You can also receive push notifications for each deal that is completed. Additionally, a user can quickly keep track of recent trades and even filter them by pair.

Balance Options

The amount of base currency to invest per trade might be limited per pair. The trading cap may be established as a fixed dollar amount or as a percentage of the base currency that is readily available. You have the option of keeping some quote units or selling the entire quoted amount when selling. Gunbot can be configured to overlook “dust,” or small holdings below the exchange’s minimum free trade size. To reserve a fixed amount of base money at all times, use the funds reserve feature.

Code Custom JS Strategies

In Gunbot, creating a custom trading strategy is as simple as using Javascript to specify the precise circumstances. A unique strategy is merely straightforward JavaScript. Coding trading methods don’t need learning a new language. Modern JS code, including async code, is supported. The bot handles setting up the connection to the exchange, gathering information, and providing trading strategies. You are allowed to make an infinite number of unique tactics and even incorporate NPM modules into your own programs. There are no restrictions on the number of trading pairs or the number of execution times for a particular strategy.

Automated Config

There is a tool called AutoConfig that can manage the bot and present the bearish market conditions for you. You may manage your Gunbot configuration dynamically using the AutoConfig toolkit. There are many more sophisticated pair filters available and with the help of filter rules that you create on your own, almost any part of configuration can be automated. This even makes it possible to automate certain components of a strategy, like trading with a dynamic gain target. Even better, you can adjust one pair’s settings while keeping an eye on another.

Backtesting Add-on

The backtesting add-on enables backtesting for practically all of the Gunbot-available strategy parameters. Additionally, it may be used to transmit alerts based on Gunbot strategies, which Gunbot will then execute when the TradingView add-on is activated., which provides a sophisticated engine to backtest and visualize tested trading performance, is where backtesting is done. Virtually every coin pair that is offered at the exchange has historical data for backtesting available as long as supports the exchange you trade on.

TradingView Add-on

Gunbot executes trade alerts supplied by because of the TradingView add-on. This enables the use of Pine script at TradingView for fully customized tactics. A few safeguards are possible with the add-on, like ensuring that sell orders occur above the break-even point and fulfill the exchange minimum trade volume. The add-on can also be utilized in mixed mode, which involves running TradingView alerts in addition to a Gunbot strategy.

Gunbot Review: Conclusion

Gunbot is undoubtedly one of the most complete automatic trading systems available to cryptocurrency investors because of its enormous array of features and tools. More than 4000 active Bitcoin traders already utilize the Gunbot website. We were particularly impressed by the 17 potent pre-made and other trading bots, more than 100 possible trading exchanges, TradingView signals and alerts integration, and the large and vibrant community.

There is a free demo version of Gunbot available on site if novice traders want to test it out and see whether they’re up for the challenge. However, because not all functions are accessible through this web-based demo, it is difficult to fully grasp the platform’s potential. Rather, we believe it is preferable to test it out using the fundamental plan for a one-time cost of £74.99 that includes futures trading, one active API slot, limited commerce pair, few strategies, AutoConfig. If you enjoy the service, you can always upgrade your plan at a discounted rate.


Is Gunbot Legit?

Gunbot fully runs on your own system, so by default, it is not secure. To raise the level of account security, successful traders must take further steps.

What Kind of Support Options Does Gunbot Offer?

The support services for Gunbot include online, live support, live online videos, and business hours support.

How Much Does Gunbot Cost?

According to financial advisor, the starting price for Gunbot is $0.01375.

Is Gunbot Trustworthy?

Yes, it is reliable because of the lifetime license. The lifetime license offers essential features like accessibility to all of the supported cryptocurrency exchanges, unlimited trades and Unlimited pairs throughout lifetime usage.

Does Gunbot Have an API?

Yes, Gunbot has an API.