Is bots trading legal in Canada?

Is bots trading legal in Canada?


Yes, Bot Trading is Legal in Canada. However, not all exchanging platforms permit connecting a bot with their platform. 

Can I make profit from automated crypto trading bots in 2023?

To become a professional crypto trader or to earn good profits, years of experience and huge market research were required in past. And, trading cryptocurrencies is quite challenging as many variables are involved with this. Even expert traders have to struggle consistently to earn profits.

But now that crypto trading bots are available, anyone can use them to trade any asset without any technical expertise. Automated crypto trading has become the latest market trend which involves trading bots to automate the trades. So, what are crypto trading bots? How can one use them? Who all can use them in their trades to increase their chances of winning? And what are the types of bots used on different exchanges?

While some bots are more suitable for beginners, others offer capabilities designed smartly to be used by advanced traders.

Different types of bots used by crypto traders

There are a variety of crypto trading bots available which are built on buy or sell strategies, and are quite common in the crypto sphere. Main types of bots used by the traders are:

  • Arbitrage bots

  • Coin lending bots

  • Market making bots

  • Trend trading bots

All these bots have different features and offer brilliant ways for traders to earn well.

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The trading bots offered by  can work easily with the exchanges like Binance, BitFinex, Coinbase, etc.  The Binance trading bot works on a grid trading strategy for Binance futures. And, if you are a newbie and don’t know how to set grid bots for Binance, we are here to help you.

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Trading bots help traders in ensuring that they are interacting with the market and market trends, even if they are not available physically. At , traders can make use of trading bots with Binance API with an AI advantage. It’s not like other trading bots in the markets as users can take benefit from the well-tested strategies over here while enabling you to increase your gains/profits and reduce the losses and risks.

Best crypto trading bots for beginners and advanced traders to be used in 2023

The best trading bots which beginners can use easily in 2023 are listed here:


As a leading crypto trading platform, cryptohopper is serving both novice and expert traders. Our trading bot is a vital tool which offers several features to help traders make wise and smart trading choices. Mirror trading is also offered to copy transactions of expert traders.


This platform allows users to either trade manually or use trading bots which automatically buy low and sell high.  The platform offers unusual combination bots like grid bots, arbitrage bots, DCA bots, and more to determine the fair buying price.


The crypto trading bot at Bitsgap allows its traders to set the range and limits for their crypto trading investments, and then allows them to open and close positions in that range automatically. The grid trading bot for Binance at this platform works on both the long and short strategies, and allows users to place orders. While Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, there is no surprise that all trading bots discussed support this platform. Use any of the above platforms to begin trading cryptocurrencies in the right way and right away.