3Commas and Pionex Which Bot Is More Trustworthy?

3Commas and Pionex Which Bot Is More Trustworthy?

Both 3Commas and Pionex are great options if you are looking for a trusted cryptocurrency trading platform for automated trading. Each offers a unique feature set that makes it easier for beginners to start making trades.Which Bot Is More Trustworthy?


3Commas is a well-known option that has existed for two years longer than Pionex. It helps experienced investors build wealth through automated trading. While it may not be as intuitive as Pionex, it provides a lot of value for those willing to invest a little time in learning how to use it.

Pionex is a newer option in the cryptocurrency trading space and has been around since 2019, but it has already gained a solid following among traders. Its focus on simplicity and ease of use is a good choice for anyone who wants to get started quickly.

Pionex Review vs 3Commas: Exchange Platforms

Pionex is an exchange itself and doesn’t support integration with other exchanges in the same sense 3Commas does. So, if you want to trade some trading pairs that are listed only on a particular exchange, 3Commas is a better option since it probably has integration with that exchange.

Pionex vs 3Commas: which bot is more profitable

Both Pionex and 3commas are great options for automated trading. However, Pionex offers a lower fee structure, allowing traders to maximize their profit margins, especially if they plan to use some high-frequency trading strategy.

On the other hand, 3commas charges a flat rate per month for using their platform, plus you pay trading fees on the exchange you choose to connect with.

You may want to consider using a combination of both bots if you plan to automate multiple accounts at once.

Pionex Review vs 3Commas: which bot has more trading strategies

Both Pionex and 3commas allow users to pick certain parameters for the bots. 

Pionex has 16 ready-to-use bots that can be utilized in one click. They also have very innovative structured products based on dual investments, which are very efficient in a sideways market. This is a big plus for Pionex.

On the other side, only 3commas allows users to customize the settings of the bots. This platform has a wide variety of ready-made trading strategies, 23 to be precise.

Even though both platforms provide ready-made and customized trading strategies, Pionex is definitely the winner because of its efficient trading strategies for ranging/sideways markets.

Pionex vs 3Commas: Operating Systems

Both Pionex and 3commas bots are available on mobile and web versions. Apps are working great, smoothly, and fast. 

Pionex vs 3Commas: Privacy & Security Winner

Both Pionex and 3Commas claim to be secure. However, neither platform offers enough information for users to determine whether they are truly secure. There is no mention of security breaches on either site.

👉 While there isn’t much information regarding Pionex’s security, we know that it uses two exchanges to aggregate liquidity. One of those exchanges is Huobi, which was hacked in January 2020. We also know that Pionex is backed by BitUniverse.

👉 3Commas claims to be 100% secure. However, it doesn’t offer any information regarding its security measures. Plus, it integrates with third-party exchanges, which can suffer security breaches independently of 3Commas.

Which Bot Has Better Customer Support?

Both Pionex and 3Commas have excellent customer service. However, if you’re looking for a bot with better customer support, 3Commas should be your choice.

3Commas has a bigger following than Pionex. Their social media accounts are updated frequently, and they have a blog that provides helpful tips and tricks to users.

They also provide regular updates on their website. They also have a dedicated support section where users can ask questions and receive answers.

Both Pionex and 3Commas have a blog where they publish news and updates about their products. Anyone can ask questions and receive answers. Both companies also have social media accounts where they communicate directly with their followers.

Due to its long presence in crypto markets, 3Commas has generated a bigger following than Pionex. The company also updates its platform frequently. 3Commas wins our community round!

Pionex VS 3Commas: The Bottom Line

Pionex wins in the most important categories: cost and number of bots. It is completely free and includes more ready-to-use bots that can be deployed with a single click. They also have great copytrading features and structured products.