3commas Troubleshoot error: Trading is disabled on this account

3commas Troubleshoot error: Trading is disabled on this account

When reviewing your deal history or bot's "last events" log you might notice these messages and wonder what they mean...


🔹Binance Exchange

When you see the "Trading is disabled on this account" message, usually this is an issue where the Binance Leveraged Tokens, known as UP or DOWN pairs, have not been enabled for trading in your Binance account settings on Binance.com.

Leveraged tokens are a synthetic derivative product created by Binance and can allow for as much as 3 times leverage on the underlying asset it is based upon, such as ETH or BTC. These appear as trading pairs on the Binance exchange like BTCUP or ETHDOWN and are traded against USDT.

To enable the Binance Leveraged “UP/DOWN” tokens for your 3Commas trades and bots to use, please see this Binance Guide:

You can read more about these tokens and how they work, here: https://www.binance.com/en/leveraged-tokens/tokens/allTokens

🔹Binance US, Coinbase Pro and Bittrex Exchanges

If you get the "Trading is disabled on this account" message and you are trading using Coinbase Pro or Bittrex exchanges, often this message is generated when you attempt to create a trade for a cryptocurrency that is blocked for your geographic region.

Typically US residents will see this message more than users elsewhere in the world due to regulations on cryptocurrencies imposed by the SEC.

Coinbase Pro and Bittrex serve traders across the world, so many cryptocurrencies are listed, and therefore displayed, via the API connection in 3Commas.

Usually cryptocurrencies that are not legal to be traded in your region would be filtered out when you trade directly on the exchange's website but are visible when trading through 3Commas.

As a safeguard, the exchange knows your geographic region and will block you from creating trades on cryptocurrencies that are forbidden in your country.

You can choose to Black List these cryptocurrencies at the top of the DCA Bots page, and this will prevent your bots from trading these cryptocurrencies and stop the "Trading is disabled on this account" messages from appearing in your bot's "last events" log.